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The Tantalising Tantra Touch Tour of Your Chakras (T5 - YC)- £120 for 90 mins, £150 for 2 hours

This is a 90 minute or two hour Tantra massage ritual which will let you experience the energy and pleasure available to you through your Chakras.
There are seven major Chakras (Root, Sex/Sacrum, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown) and by the conclusion of this massage ritual you will have a greater understanding of how they can contribute to your life and help to put a smile on your face.
After explanation of the process and consent has been given, you will be slowly, respectfully, and ritually stripped of all your clothing. The masseur too will become nude and you will receive your first introduction to your Chakras whilst standing.  Further explanations and demonstrations will follow with light touch massage with you lying firstly face-up and then face down on the soft towels of the massage table. During these phases of the ritual the energy levels of the body will be gradually raised and then allowed to drop-back slightly.
There then follows an oil massage of the whole of the back, and then the whole of the front, of your body and it may be that you will experience the delights of a non-ejaculating orgasm. (This is referred to elsewhere in the web site as the “orgasmic corridor”)
To conclude the ritual you will be wrapped in a warm blanket with uplifting music being played in order to give your body and brain a chance to process and understand all that has gone before.  After this you will be gently returned to the ‘real’ world which you left behind you some time before.
The whole of the surface of your body will be massaged and it is quite possible that you will experience strong emotions and reactions.  I will support you fully throughout the massage ritual.