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Holistic Swedish Massage - £75 for 1 hr, £100 for 90 mins

This is the classic European ‘standard’ massage.  It is adaptable to suit all conditions and types of body.  All the massage movements used in other massages can be described using the ‘Swedish’ Massage terminology. Massage is the therapeutic manipulation of soft tissue; Holistic means that the condition and needs of the whole of the body are taken into consideration: and Swedish is explained in the next paragraph
Swedish massage was standardized in France in the 19th Century, and because a Swede Dr Per Lind was much involved, the brand-managers of the day decided that it would sell better with a rather more exotic name.
The massage will start with the sweeping flat-handed effleurage movements which work to soothe and calm the body, it is likely to continue with the deeper petrissage movements where your tissue is compressed against bone or the masseur’s other hand, these stimulate the tissue and blood-flow through it. Percussions sound impressive but, when properly done are quite gentle, and tone the muscles ready for their next task.  Vibrations have similar effects.  Stretches and movement of the joints will also be used to improve flexibility and the range of movement.
As in all bodywork treatments, good communication between the therapist and client helps the very best results to be obtained
A whole-body massage taking about an hour is the most popular treatment of this sort; longer sessions of 90 minutes or even two hours are also possible.
Grooming or body shaving can be included with this treatment if time permits.
This is a ‘conventional’ massage and does not include any sexual contact.