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Combined Genital and Anal Massage - £160 for 90 mins, £200 for 2 hours

The combined Ying & Yang genital and anal massage offers you the possibility to reach your multiple orgasmic states whilst also offering you a deeply powerful and healing experience.
This massage combines the energy of both Ying and Yang (male and female energy) that facilitates the possibility of feeling deeply powerful and yet deeply relaxed and refreshed.
Imagine the ecstasy of genital massage techniques combined with the power of anal massage.
This is the ultimate in Tantric massage combining both genital and anal massage techniques. Not only can this massage offer the possibility of spending extended periods of time in your orgasmic corridor but it also offers the possibility of a deep and transformative experience.
This massage takes you on a highly sexual and ecstatic journey whilst combining your Ying energy with your Yang energy. I offer you both external and internal anal massage techniques together with a wide variety of genital massage strokes.
Imagine the pleasure of having your prostate massaged whilst being in a high state of arousal as genital massage techniques are offered at the same time.
I am trained to take you higher and higher into your sexual energy whilst balancing this energy with anal massage strokes. This can feel highly pleasurable with the possibility of taking you into a total state of bliss that you may not have experienced before.
Because of the extreme intensity of this massage I recommend that you have received an anal healing massage before booking this one.