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Chakra Balancing Massage - £140 for 90 mins, £175 for 2 hours

A chakra energy session will aim to stimulate the energy flow through each of your Chakras  and also to give the whole system an energy ‘top up’. The session lasts about 90 minutes or two hours and includes information on how you can learn to become more aware of your chakras in your everyday life.
What is it?
You are full of energy. This energy flows through you and can be transformed into useful attributes at particular places in your body known as Chakras (an Indian word, often interpreted as ‘wheels of light’).
There are seven main Chakras and these need to be kept in balance to maintain the health and emotional aspects of your body. A Chakra Energy session aims to restore the equilibrium between these Chakras and to also ‘top up’ your energy reserves.
Doesn’t my body do this by itself?
Your physical body will always attempt to keep you fit and healthy, no matter what you do to it! However you can help it along with a good diet and plenty of exercise.
So it is with the energy aspects of your body. The chakra balancing session will help your energy balance as part of the treatment. The session also helps you to become more aware of your main chakras and offers ways for you to look after them, and to let them be useful to you, in your day to day life.
How does a typical session go?
When you arrive there will be time for some talk, to explain the treatment and about the Chakras and to find out how you are feeling. You will then be respectfully and ceremoniously stripped naked and then asked lie on the treatment coach. During this phase I will teach you a simple breathing exercise. I will then use my hands to raise and balance the energy – this can be done either with direct contact or by placing my hands just above your body, whichever you feel more comfortable with.
You do not need to do anything in particular before arriving. However it is probably best not to have consumed a heavy meal in the couple of hours before the session
How will I feel after my session?
You should feel more relaxed after the session. Often you may also feel more ‘balanced’, calmer, maybe even ‘energised’. The experience will always be unique to you and can often be very different each time you receive a Chakra Energy session..