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Diploma in Tantra(Germany) - Diploma Counselling (Bristol Uni) - Former Member - NFSH - Over 10,000 Client Sessions over 9 Years

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My Childhood

Spiritual Training

Therapeutic Training

Tantra Training


Jason Tantra


Hello, I'm Jason and welcome to my website Jason Tantra. Jason Tantra is my creation of showing you Bliss. Of opening you out of your day to day and taking you to a place where your hearts melts and it feels like home. I want to give you a Wow! experience that will sit with you for days afterwards. I want you to feel moved, to feel touched and to feel alive.

I have been teaching workshops in my other creation Tantra4GayMen and over the 9 years of teaching, and holding space it felt like there was something missing for me. I absolutely love teaching and holding spaces and I will continue to do that for as long as I can, its my calling in life. But as part of living this Tantric Lifestyle I also want to be part of it, to be in the process in the space as well. This is why I have created Jason Tantra as it gives me the place to be in the process to take you to places you have never experienced.

It is really normal after a session with me to feel as if you have had a deep and profound experience. That you feel alive, that something has changed and you can't out your finger on it. Some men have told me I have ruined their conventional sex life because after a session with me, what they experienced before just didn't feel good enough anymore. Others tell me that for days afterwards they felt like they had a spring in their step, they felt happier, and they had this warm glow around them.

I tell people I have the best job in the world. I show men what Bliss means, what it feels like to experience heaven. And I do this as my contribution to humanity to help us evolve into a species that is in love. Enlightened.

So, I really look forward to welcoming you to a session with me, let me take you to heaven and back.

Love Jason    

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My Childhood

I was fascinated by this idea of energy and ‘magic’. As a child I used to dream and believe in magical things, often as a method of escape from some other horrible things. The inner child part of me still believes in this magic which is often represented when Christmas films come onto the television about Father Christmas and the little boy inside me believes without question the magical bits. When I think of my inner child I am taken back to a magical Christmas at the age of 7. Through some darker moments from then, my inner child stayed at the age. I often feel him around him and he sits at my place of fear. When I get frightened it is often that I feel at the age of 7.

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Spiritual Training

Since that time when I was 18, I have spent 22 years in what I would describe as my ‘spiritual journey’. I spent over 15 years training and developing my gifts as a clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer. I have had the privilege in that time of working with any people presenting whole range of topics and issues. I trained with the spiritualist church in development groups and also many years in closed development groups. During this time I lead spiritual development groups honing those delicate skills of intuition, psychic awareness and universal connection of myself and others. During this time I also because a full member of the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) and had developed my own private practice regularly seeing clients for ‘psychic readings’, mediumship and for spiritual healing. Often in my workshops today, I have the gift to be able be in peoples energy fields and offer them areas for self-reflection and growth. Often I can feel the areas that need to be looked at for spiritual development.

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Theraputic Training

Interestingly as soon as I reached a plateau of experience and skills with my psychic and healing there was a deep feeling inside me that I needed to move on. It is very interesting for me how the universe has seemed to guide my path and at times. It has taken me sometimes great amounts of trust and surrender to follow what feels right inside me and to listen to my universal path. The universe opened the next part for me with a radio ad my partner at the time heard about becoming a voluntary counsellor. I joined the ‘Men As Survivors Helpline’ as a voluntary counsellor listening and supporting the telling of men’s stories related often to childhood abuse, trauma and rape. Given the depth of the content, even though I had received some initial counselling training, I still felt de-skilled. It was of paramount importance to me that I could hold these men’s stories without doing more harm through clumsy listening. Even though this was never a possibility, I think I felt a sense of responsibility to be the ‘best I could be’. I think in all of my therapeutic work I have this strong responsibility to be skilled, informed, educated and most of all empathic. In 2003 I commenced my training and qualification as a counsellor and alongside worked in HMP Bristol seeing inmates with issues around sexual, physical and mental trauma. At this time I also worked for another agency where I saw members of the public around the same issues.

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Tantra Training

As I continued to work with these clients, I had this nagging question in the back of my mind about how far can talking therapies (i.e. counselling) go to really heal issues of sexual trauma. I believe that counselling is an excellent ‘starter’ that helps people to explore the trauma from all perspectives, to be able to be in touch with the emotions of that experience. However, for me, there was still something about the body still remembering. If someone has experienced trauma of any kind, I believe that it is not only remembered in the mind and emotions but also within the physical body itself. I wondered for a long time where were the places that the body could be healed as well as the mind and the emotions to.

In 2006 I was at a unique part of my life. Having done an excellent job of living with somebody with alcohol issues, spending 5 years realising there was a problem and the next 5 years trying to fix the problem and miserably discovering there was nothing that I could do. I decided to leave and create a new life for myself. That it was time to stop living these scripts and patterns. Between homes I had 3 month unique period in my life where I opened myself to experience all the things I hadn’t in the last 10 years.  I saw an advert for a Tantra course in Brighton and so booked up to go along.

This weekend led onto my Tantra training and I completed over 50 intensive days training days in Europe. How do I begin to tell you how Tantra changed my life? How it enriched the quality of life I have. Interestingly it felt like the different parts of the jigsaw puzzle came together. With my spiritual practice background, therapeutic background and now Tantric experience it all came together. At the same time I began work as a family’s counsellor in an alcohol rehabilitation centre. This role gave me so much in terms of understanding more deeply issues connected with addiction and the underlying reasons as well as the experience of holding group spaces. 

The spiritual, counselling and tantric training I have received enables me to offer a unique, holding and loving approach to offer Tantra.

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Starting Tantra4GayMen

One morning I awoke in Jan-08 and said “ok, I am going to run a tantra workshop”. I felt such a calling and a sense of cosmic connection to this path. I felt it in every cell of my body, every part of my soul and every part of my head. I have long believed that what defines me as a gay man is not what I always see in the gay scene. I wondered where there were places in the UK for gay and bi men to meet in places of love and in places of intimacy. I couldn’t see many. I felt very sad about this and I just could not believe that this didn’t exist. Surely there must be places where men can connect with each other in their spirituality, their sexuality, connect in all part of themselves in Tantra. Welcome to my vision, Tantra4GayMen.

I believe that gay and bi men in the UK need places where we can connect in love, in intimacy without judgements or fears. My own journey with Tantra has shown me such ecstatic states, where I feel in love with everything me around me. I can re-count states of seeing the world in a different perspective and it is this magic that is Tantra that I feel so passionate to share.    

Therefore my goal and vision is to find as many ways as possible to create places and spaces where men can connect in love, be intimate with each other, without any judgements and without any fear. I believe in creating these spaces through Tantric practice.

To date over 2500+ men have experienced my work. We have over 120,000 visitors on our Tantra4GayMen website per year. I have been very privileged to work alongside and offer Tantra with the most beautiful of men. I have felt very humbled by the trust and love that has been created and the healing that has taken place. All through the practice of sex combined spirituality that is Tantra.

My heart is full to bursting when I see groups of men in their ‘natural’ state of love. I think I have the best job in the world, connecting men in love.

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Creating Jason Tantra

I believe that when I teach workshops, there is another part of me that takes over. Its like a kind of mediumship, in that whilst I am in control, all of the information, energy and holding comes through me. It can sometimes be disconcerting that whilst I am in a workshop, I'll say something over the microphone and its meant for 1 person, and they and I will know it in that split second and it can feel like a profound message to the soul. Its like during these sessions that I am actually in peoples energy system, reading what's going on and guiding them to states of bliss, states of ecstasy.

But after years of teaching Tantra, always being in a place of holding the container can be a lonely place. And holding spaces is not all of the story that I want to create. I took a break from teaching for a while and within 6 months I was aching to hold another space. I do know that this was my purpose to be on earth. To show, remind, shine a light along a pathway of giving them felt experiences of Bliss, of Divine Love.

But holding space for others to experience that is not the only way, as I have discovered. I find that in 121 sessions, when I am involved in the client session, I am able to transmit the energy I channel to the client taking them into even more profound states of bliss. Its quite incredible when I listen to clients telling me about their experience. I often get emails and sms messages after sessions saying how it was for them.

In creating Jason Tantra I didn't want to offer what was typically being offered. I want to innovate, and I want to explore different ways of giving men beautiful, sexy, spiritual, raunchy, enlightened, erotic, loving experiences.

Early in 2014 I attended a week long Tantra Training by Barbara Carrellas www.urbantantra.com and what an incredible woman Barbara is. Just awesome, and it was strange because I didn't learn so much about techniques from Barbara although they were helpful reminders, it was something else. I am still reflecting on what it is, but the answer I have come up with is about permission. It was about getting a bit closer to giving myself permission to explore and be who I am without shame and without needing to explain. You'd think after all of the years of personal development, there are still layers after layers of conditioning. Living other peoples and my own expectations. And that can destroy innovation and creativity. That week really moved something in me and I started to ask what was it authentically that I wanted to offer men. What are all the different ways that I can help men to experience profound love, bliss and ecstasy through Tantra.

Well the answer is here, my 121 offering.

This is my continuing journey of learning and uncovering who I am, and in that process I can help you explore who you are to. Always for practitioners there is a dual process in play. And I want us both to learn and discover even more freedom, freedom from ourselves and from our own conditioning.

Jason Tantra - 2014

Please do contact me jason@jasontantra.co.uk if you would like to ask any questions. Looking forward to the opportunity oif offering a session to you. Love jason xxx 

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